Lost Mine Of Phandelver

Session 1 - Goblin Ambush

After the party head along the road to Phandalin to take the wagon and it’s contents to the trading post, Baratheon’s Provisions, they encountered trouble. As they had just taken a bend in the road they were ambushed by four goblins.

They had a strong start with Rhodgar using his Dragon breath engulfing one goblin in fire. Then Gwendalin threw a hurl of insults at the goblins, not speaking their language, it still caused some emotion in the goblins head. Then Trucious ran quickly up to a goblin and brought down a swing of his short sword, missing he hit a tree next to the Goblin. Then Lisanna let lose an arrow which then struck a goblin on the shoulder forcing him back.

Then the goblins struck back, with one of them knocking Legolas unconscious. Afterwards Gwendalin tried to tell the goblins to run, as they both looked at each other, then looked back fiercely. Then Rhodgar again used his breath which brought down a goblin. Then Lisanna ran to Legolas to help and casted heal wounds which brought Legolas back to a conscious state. He then got up and struck out and cast magic missiles and then blew one Goblin back.

Then finally Rhodgar uses magic missile and all three bolts connected and caused the goblin to just implode with the amount of magical energy. Finishing the encounter with the Goblin ambush. Finally, Gwendalin trying to improve her cooking capabilities tried to make a cake from the goblin corpses. Failing, miserably.


gemmalouisewood Itermus

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